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US Forest Service
A very useful site providing extensive information related to US forests and USDA-sponsored research activities.

US Dept. of Agriculture home page

The Forest Products Laboratory
FPL is in Madison, Wisconsin, and is run under the auspices of the US Forest Service (USDA). The FPL site provides information on research (and allows you to order articles) on topics such as recycling, pulp and paper technology, wood use, and more.

Learn about new and proposed regulations.

THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet

Magazines and Other Information Sources

An excellent, free magazine for those in the paper industry.

Pulp and Paper News
Lots of stories showing latest events in the pulp and paper industries.

RISI Info: Pulp and Paper News
News from RISI, a leading source of market news, statistics, and other information from the industry.

Paper Industry Events (from EUWID-Paper.com

Pulp and Paper Online
A useful resource with news, a technical calendar. Free, but requires registration. A service provided by the producers of Pulp and Paper magazine.

IPW - Magazine for the International Paper Industry
Produced in Germany but with info from many countries.

A magazine on the paper industry from Andritz, a major supplier of papermaking equipment.

Mini-Encyclopedia of Papermaking Wet-End Chemistry
Great technical resource from NC State, filled with information on wet-end chemistry in papermaking.

Newsletter for the Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies (CPBIS)
A good information source about the paper industry from CPBIS at Georgia Tech.

The Environmental Examiner
A newsletter for students that examines environmental issues with an understanding of costs and benefits. Examines free-market solutions to environmental issues.

An information source that pools the resources of CTP (France), KCL (Finland), Pira International (UK) and STFI (Sweden). Online information of many kinds is provided. Information can be provided via Internet, Intranet, CD ROMs, and other means.

Tappi Journal
One of the best sources of technical information about the pulp and paper industries, as well as nonwovens. Online abstracts are available. Nicely done!

A 360-degree view of the paper industry is provided by this outstanding and very readable monthly magazine, courtesy of TAPPI.

Paper Industry Magazine
A new source of news for those in the paper industry. Their online resources provide a good way to check out upcoming events, new products, and industry news.

Perini Journal
A beautiful and interesting production from Fabio Perini, a famous maker of converting equipment for the paper industry, headquartered in Lucca, Italy. The Perini Journal is the main trade journal in the world completely dedicated to the tissue paper industry. According to Wikipedia, it is published in two yearly issues and in two different editions: the western, in Italian/English language, with an average printed copies of 17,500; and the eastern, in English/Chinese language, with an average printed copies of 2,500. The illustrations are made by world-renowned Italian painter Guido Scarabottolo. One of the nicest magazines you'll ever pick ip. Thick, high quality, fun.

Progress in Paper Recycling
An outstanding journal, now published through TAPPI, that provides useful information and forum on the science and engineering of paper recycling. Covers many aspects of recycling technology, waste paper sources and uses, deinking, recent patents, related university research, etc. Founded in 1991 by Dr. Mahendra Doshi.

PPI (Pulp and Paper International)
RISI, a leading source of information from the industry, provides this excellent magazine on international developments. Get it free!

J-For (The Journal of Science and Technology for Forest Products and Processes)
A publication of PAPTAC (the Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada).

A rich source of information about US and Canadian forests. For example, interactive maps allow the user to obtain facts about forests in various states and provinces. They have virtual walks through the woods, information on environmental issues, photos, and much more.

Nip Impressions
Rich source of information about the paper industry, including paper stocks, fun facts, and news. A longstanding and trusted source for many.

The largest information source about the paper industry with a huge database of journal articles and other publications going back many decades. Provided by EI.org, Engineering Information.

The Textile Institute and Textiles Magazine

Finnish Paper Engineers' Association
The Finnish Paper Engineers' Association.

Alliance For Environmental Technology
Fascinating and thorough site - and possibly controversial. AET is "an international alliance of chemical manufacturers and forest products companies dedicated to advancing the environmental performance of the pulp and paper industry."
The site they provide is an extensive resource representing much of the paper industry on environmental issues related to bleaching. AET promotes the use of chlorine dioxide bleaching (rather than TCF) for reducing toxicity of effluents. This site offers thorough discussions, technical articles, and news, with attractive graphics, good layout, and generally good content. Many articles on environmental issues, with graphs, charts, and references. Features news articles, scientific discussion, etc. Highly recommended.

Recycler's World
A large commercial site with extensive information on recycling in general, including some on waste paper. Information includes listings of key organizations (such as AF&PA), magazines, and vendors of recycled materials. Rated as a "Top 5%" web site by Point Communications, but this site doesn't seem especially helpful for the pulp and paper crowd.

Pulp and Paper Net
Register for this free service to access information about suppliers, trade shows, etc. New and growing.

Converting Quarterly
The official technical magazine of AIMCAL, this covers the web-processing technologies of solution, extrusion and vacuum coating; laminating; film manufacturing; flexographic and gravure printing; slitting, sheeting and other finishing methods. Each issue features expert technical content, including insights from industry consultants.

The Paper Industry Web of Luigi Bagnato (archived)
Luigi Bagnato's outstanding service, kept alive by Archive.org, provides information about finishing and converting. On the lighter side, he also provides a page about making trees out of paper. Clever and funny.

A leading source of information and a popular newsletter on forestry and forest products community on the Internet.

Information on some books by Dr. Mahendra Patel related to the paper industry and some news from the industry. See also IndustryPaper.org.

Loads of information and resources pertaining to wood and woodworking.

The Cotton Online Resource
Yes, it's cotton, but there's a lot for forest products people to learn from this area. The Cotton Online Resource, for example, offers an extremely valuable page called "Cotton for Nonwovens" that provides insight into cellulose chemistry, properties, etc., with respect to cotton, of course.

The POZONE process for ozone bleaching of paper

Gas Research Institute
GRI promotes research in several paper-related areas, including infrared drying and gas-fired drying methods.

Malaysian Timber Council
A very innovative, colorful, and refreshing web site (for those with fast modems or high-speed Internet access). Lots of good information about timber, forestry and wildlife in Malaysia and elsewhere. Also has paper-related links. Fun and diverse.

The Robert C. Williams Paper Museum (a.k.a. the American Museum of Papermaking)
America's leading museum about papermaking is sponsored by IPST. This web site offers an excellent virtual tour of the museum and some great information about the history of papermaking.

RISI - a major international source of information on the paper industry, and an important source of conferences, too. Outstanding events and great publications, including Pulp and Paper International.

US Mills Online at CPBIS
A tool to show you what pulp and paper mills are in any state of the US. ills OnLine is the only historic yet up-to-date data on state-by-state listing of all paper facilities that have operated in the U.S. since 1970. The data contain information on nearly 800 stand-alone and integrated pulp and paper mills. As of Sept. 2012, the Mills Online report 350 mills as operating, 7 mills as idled or closed, and 426 as delisted from the annual national mill directories. Geographic location and last product capacity for the 426 closed or dismantled mills provide a unique historic perspective on the evolution and restructuring of the industry.

Wood Science and Technology

Laboratory of Wood Tech. at Helsinki University of Technology
Offers good information on wood technology research, publications, etc. Not a forestry site.

The Forest Products Laboratory
This USDA institution in Madison, Wisconsin produces a good deal of useful research in wood technology and other issues related to forest products. A useful site - lots of information.

Louisiana Forest Products Lab
A lab at LSU. Graphics intensive - worth visiting if only to see the beautiful wood background on their pages.

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