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 Fun with Paper & Forest Products

Papercuts by Peter Callesen
Amazing paper art by Danish artist Peter Callesen shows what can be achieved with paper cut from a single sheet of paper. Stunning 3D works! Also see his large scale papercuts and large framed papercuts.

Magic with paper: ideas and tricks
Jeff Lindsay's offering. Ideas for the magically inclined.

Origami-Make.com: How to Make Origami
A remarkably easy and detailed source of information on how to make many dozens of beautiful origami structures. One of the best websites on origami. And free!

Robert J. Lang's Origami
Marvelous examples of what can be done with paper - incredibly sophisticated. Mr. Lang has also developed computer programs for designing origami features and understanding the science of origami. Among the practical applications of Mr. Lang's work have been improved tools for simulating the folding and unfolding of air bags for automobiles.

Origami Resource Center
Over 500 origami examples and many other resources on origami. "Know when to fold" is their motto.

Origami as Gifts - a list of origami resources, courtesy of the Northwest Homeschool Group in Kirkland, WA.

Faces Made from Toilet Paper Cores - does life get any better than this?

Fun with Paper, from International Paper

Cool paper Stunt: How to Walk Through a Sheet of Paper
One sheet of paper, cut in a special way, can open up into a large loop that you can walk through.

Graphica Obscura by Paul Haeberli
Multitude of projects dealing with paper, geometry, and the arts, including resources on paper folding such as the next one below:

The Paper Folding Project
A fascinating site by Paul Haberli within the Grafica Obscura site. Lots of information and demonstrations of beauty achieved by folding paper. Also see Dr. David Huffman's paper folding page.

How to Make Paper Airplanes
Some very cool designs with clear instructions.

The Best Paper Airplane in the World

George W. Hart's Paper Polyhedra
A great site showing how to make complex paper structures (polyhedra).

The Forest Academy (A Game)
Domtar has generously provided this fun online educational game to help kids and adults better understand our forests. Kudos!

Learn Origami!
Clare Tames' collection of information on origami techniques, designs, math, etc.

The Prairie Paper Project
Douglas W. Jones at the University of Iowa has initiated an educational project based on papermaking with straw, designed for students (5th -10th grade). His site describes the project and its success. Looks like fun!

Joseph WU's Origami page
A cool site, with pictures of origami art (an F-14 Tomcat, for example - one of the favorite works of the ancient masters) and lots of information.

Peter Callesen's Art with Paper
Beautiful art.


Lots of information (and photos) for those interested in the hobby of collecting paper money. Very informative. Also see Banknote World (a.k.a. Ron Wise's World Paper Money Site). (Now if you really want to learn about the extensive history of money of all kinds, please see A Comparative Chronology of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day.)

Photographs from the 2003 Annual Meeting
This new page of photos includes some highlights of a couple Forest Products Divisions sessions and two views of San Francisco.

Paper University
Fun educational resource froom TAPPI.

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